Accessing your environment : SQLNet/OCI

If your environment was set up with Host networking as described in these pages then the host and guest VMs all have IP addresses in the 192.168.88.* subnet.

Your host machine (Windows or OSX) is accessible at

Your VMs are assigned,, etc.

Run and X Windows Server on your Host

For Windows I usually install MobaXTerm. After install:
  • Run MoxaXterm
  • Settings -> Configuration
  • Click the X11 tab
  • Change the "X11 Remote Access" dropdown to "full"
  • Answer Yes to restart X11 to enable configuration change
This will allow MobaXTerm to act as an XWindow server for any machines that can contact it.

Install a test program

I usually install one of the standard x utilities like xclock so I can show that XWindows is working.
vagrant ssh
sudo yum install xclock

Run the test program

export DISPLAY=

xclock &
The xclock analog clock program will run on the VM but it will use the graphical console on your host PC to show GUI. Ctrl-C the process on the Guest VM or close the xclock window on the Host machine.