Moving an oracle instance between machines (Linux/Unix)…

…is not as hard as it is on Windows. I went searching for articles on the topic and couldn't really find any. Now I know why.

In Windows land to move binaries for an instance from one machine to another you have to worry about oradim/registry dependencies. Because of all of this I usually just install Oracle binaries off of the original disks and patch to appropriate level and the move the Database (data files, control files, etc) and recreate the database on the new machine.

Assuming the source and target are the same architecture on Linux I had to:
1) Make the Oracle Binary and Database files available to the target machine. Review the networking config files (changing IP addresses?)

2) Perform config to prep Linux machine for an Oracle Binary install.
For example… set up Oracle user, configure .bashrc, add required .rpms.

3) Fire it up!
After the paths are available you can start the listener and then run SQLPLUS to start up the instance.

– Dave


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