5 in 5 - 5 Oracle visualizations in 5 months...

It is time for me to get my rear in gear. I have tons of notes floating around on Oracle administration and performance related visualizations I would like to work on but without a deadline things start dragging out... Like when you have a weight loss or stop smoking goal that becomes real when you tell people about it.

So my goal is for the remainder of 2014 to finish 5 Oracle Performance related visualizations in 5 months, roughly 1 per month. "Finish" means it executes, I write up the background and provide code so someone else can examine what I've developed and either run it, use the code for something else, or critique it (constructively I hope)!

  • I'll start a blog post for each project.
  • I will update it with notes and progress to show ideas, process and logic.
  • I reserve the right to implement in whatever language/environment I want. That being said I will probably start in SQL Developer as it is where I spitball a lot of my research and have a huge collection of custom reports. Expect d3.js, tributary.io, and maybe Raw to make an appearance.
  • Solutions will run the gamut from effectively using existing traditional graphs/charts to full blown custom visualizations from scratch

Potential projects:

  • Visualize/compare historical AWR performance
  • TEMP space historical usge
  • Diagnosing blocking situations from ASH data
  • Pick up on a few collaborations I have worked on and push for completion
  • [Insert yours here] - would love to hear about your favorite performance query which could use some visualization to help with interpretation

Blog Posts:


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