About ba6.us

I am a Software Developer and Oracle DBA by trade, but have worked with many RDBMS systems ranging from small DBaseIV / FoxPro PC databases, medium sized MySQL databases, and large Sybase, Oracle, and MS SQL Server databases.

I hope you can find some useful information here. I have been collecting posts and notes since July 2007. The information presented in Blog Posts and Notebook Pages is a wide ranging collection of hints, tips, tricks, and caveats. If you are not a regular reader then hopefully you land here from a Google search and take something away that helps you solve a problem.

Feel free to hook up to the RSS feed for updates to the site as content is added.

I also try to stay active in the dba/development community as a whole. My favorite resources are:

And some code:

For a rant on why you should write a blog too, check out Steve Yegge's "You Should Write Blogs" article.

-- Dave Mann