SQL Developer 4 User Defined Reports

I enjoyed giving my presentation on SQL Developer User Defined Reports to the 2014 East Coast Oracle Users Conference. This is a local conference that is a great value and pulls in lots of fun folks that attend and present.


Check out my GitHub project for examples and source code : https://github.com/dmann99/SQLDevUDRepPack

  • SQLDevUDExamples.xml - A compact reference for examples of common User Defined Reports. This is helpful to use the Copy/Paste feature to use as a springboard for creating your own reports.
  • SQLDevUDRepPack.xml - A comprehensive collection of User Defined Reports. These are primarily geared towards DB Administration and Performance Tuning.

Some deep dives into visualization created in SQL Developer are here:

  • Archived Log Heat Map - Visualize your Archive Log switching activity with Blog Post and Source Code here.
  • Execution Plan Color Map - A way to visualize explain plan volatility. Blog Post and Source Code here.
  • Using SQL Developer to drive D3.JS custom visualizations - Blog Post and Source Code here.

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