A Delta to Plus/Delta... Good / Tricky / Different...

I have been encountering a lot of Plus/Delta activity at the end of my meetings and projects. Basically it is an informal feedback mechanism. A chance to communicate 1) what was good about the meeting and 2) what may need to be changed in the future.

I can appreciate the sentiment. Just having a project or meeting leader ask for the feedback is a great step forward in improving processes. One of my group leaders took it a step further though when applying it to tasks or projects.

Instead of Plus / Delta, how about Good / Tricky / Different? Essentially the same thing but also asks... What was tricky? What are risks that we may need to look out for in the future?

I have seen this additional question help point out some very real risks. Often they are risks that one person notices and others do not which helps provide group awareness where none may have existed before. It helps point out something that may be insignificant now but could be a 'big deal' in the future if ignored.


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