YouTube for Data

This is for all the database purists out there, what's most important? Forget the implemention, the operating system, the transactions per second. Its the data! is a website where you can browse or upload data sets. For better or worse you can also compare them.


Oracle imp utility COMMIT parameter and LOBS…

If you have a lot of LOB data to move around with Oracle import/export utilities this might help you out. The default for the COMMIT parameter is No.

COMMIT=N : For tables that have a LOB column, commit is performed after loading each table
This is much faster but be aware that you will use more Rollback space since each table will be committed in one large transaction.

COMMIT=Y : For tables that have a LOB column, commit is performed after each row (slow!, much overhead added because so many transactions are used to import the data)

Nutritional Information from the USDA…

The USDA supplies a Nutritional Database. It has about 7300 foods and associated nutritional information. Most of the foods are the simplified components instead of brand names, but its usually easy enough to find equivalents. It can also be used as a jumping off point for a more comprehensive database.

Info about the information supplied:


Using SQLPLUS to generate scripts…

Tired of updating scripts by searching and replacing until your fingers fall off? Have a SQL statement you have to run against every table in your schema?

Next to Regular Expressions, this is one of the most useful tools in my arsenal.

Common uses for this are to write SQL statements that can work from a list of objects in the database:


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