Creating a User Defined HTML Report

As the SQLDeveloper 1.5.3 version has been released there have been some bug fixes to the User Defined Reports area. I decided to create a new version of my old Perl v$session_longops monitor that I wrote about here. This new improved version runs as a Used Defined Report inside of SQL Developer. Here is how to get it running:

Create a new Report

In SQLDeveloper,

• Select View->Reports

• Right click on the User Defined Reports folder and select Add Report.

• Enter Name: Long Operations Graph

• Select Style plsql-dbms_output from the dropdown

• Enter Description: A visual representation of currently active Long Operations.

• Enter the SQL for the report. Source code is available here: SQLD-LongOps-HTML.sql

Here is an example of how the screen should look when you are done (click to enlarge):

• Select Apply button.

Run the User Defined Report

• Select View->Reports

• Expand the User Defined Reports folder.

• Select the Long Operations user defined report.

• Select the Data Source for the report.

• Select "Run Reports" icon or select Refresh Rate.

• Report will execute and show any long operations.

Here is an example of the report running with 1 long operation (click to enlarge):

If you have more than 1 long operation running at the same time they will stack on top of each other and a scrollbar will appear at the right side of the results window. If no long operations are running then the message No Long Operations Active will be displayed.