What Are Books? / To Do

Books are collections of static pages that are organized in an outline format.

The first page is usually an overview with a table of contents. You can drill down into the topics you are interested in or read the book from start to finish by starting at the first page and clicking the ' Next Topic' in the bottom right of the main content panel. You can also generate the book as a single printer friendly page by clicking the "Printer Friendly" link at the bottom of the book pages.

Ideas that I flesh out as Blog posts may make their way into the appropriate Book, one-off musings and comments about errors will probably remain as blog posts.

Don't forget, the Search pane in the menu column works for all content on the site!

Blog posts and Projects - In Progress or Would Like to Do

Moving Beyond Created Date / Created User

Apex/Ajax/Javascript nuts and bolts - technique

DBMS Parsingmentioned here

D3.js + Apex Research + Presentation

DBMS_SQL, parsing your queries - can you get info without running your SQL?

Siebel Extension Tables + Golden Gate

External tables to move large tables (LOB, etc)

Optimizer tricks
Account for optimizer differences
Session specific parameters stuff

GG - monitor

GG - Challenges of duplicating a running Production instance

Recreate All DB Links script

Oracle-L - Research recreate users script

Other JVM langs in the DB


Parallel Processing Shell Script
GG roles and responsibilities
SQL Developer + Google Charts API
Simple Apex Real Time Report