Accuracy of PROFILER.SQL from Metalink Doc: 243755.1

I came across a situation where the profiler.sql supplied with Metalink Doc: 243755.1 was giving some incomplete results. Because some of my PL/SQL code was executing very quickly it was rounding down to 0.00 and not even showing up on the 'Top 10' section.

Throughout profiler.sql there are timing numbers (unit = sends) that are rounded to 2 places. Looking in the comments for profiler.sql I noticed the last update was early 2007. Maybe Moore's law and CPU power has caught up with profiler.sql but I would recommend increasing the granularity of the script by doing the following:

replace all occurrences of ",2)" with ",6)"

This will increase the decimial places of all of the ROUND() statements from 2 to 6. I probably went a little overboard at 6 ... you could probably get away with 3 or 4 but I would recommend 5 places at a minimum.


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