New web host...

We moved to a new web host on Black Friday. My old host doesn't appreciate repeat business so it was time to make the change and try something new. I just started up with DreamHost and so far I am impressed. Migration of the site went quicker than expected and so far I only made one mistake that caused any issues but I will blame that on waiting for DNS changes to propagate :)

o Control panel is much more intuitive than other web hosts I have used. I like having all sites live as peers instead of one parent site and everything else hanging off of it. I created site 6 years ago when moving to my previous web host and ended up keeping a site alive just to be the 'main' site - extra expense and hassle I will now leave in the dust.

o Public subversion access is available, a nice bonus that I didn't realize. This will come in handy for some development projects I want to make available through

o So far the site response is speedier than my previous host

o Ssh/Scp access was a breeze to set up. No faxing drivers licenses or crazy confirmation routines.

o Cost is about the same as other comparable hosts

As of November 2011 their standard package is $8.95 a month and includes a slew of features to run and administer your own website.

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