Fauxtary DJ Mixer v1 - MIDI Enabled


  • Build a MIDI enabled mixer controller to replicate the controls of a rotary mixer.
  • Intended use is for DJ programs that accept Midi input (like Native Instruments Traktor).
  • This will not replace a full fledged DJ controller, just provide rotary controls for controlling the mixes.


I always liked playing gigs on old school rotary mixers, Bozak AR-6, Urei 1620, Rane MP2016, ARS 6700 - the battle hardened workhorses of the club world.

While working with modern DJ controllers I was missing the feel of these mixers.



  • 2 Channels
  • Controls:
    • Rotary volume fader for each channel
    • Low/Mid/High controls per channel
    • Volumes for Booth, Master, Headphone, and Cue Mix

Nice to have:

  • Master VU Meter (Analog & Lighted If Possible)
  • Per channel VU Meter
  • Per channel master position arc

Form Factor

  • Front Panel 3U (W)483 x (H)133
  • Front Panel 4U (W)483 x (H)176

Project Documentation

Documentation will be gathered in the Fauxtary Mixer V1 Notebook on this site. I'll also be posting blog posts as to progress and to bring up interesting points.

Click here for all archived Fauxtary content.


MusicTech - 12 Best Rotary Mixers for DJs

ARS 6700

Bozak AR-6

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