Helpful Oracle Feature Matrix by RDBMS Version

I opened an SR recently while I was trying to get a feature to work in 19c... was politely directed to this resource... A listing of Oracle features and what version they're available in...
Not sure when this was made available but I hope they keep it up - I much prefer this to trying to find this info in My Oracle Support docs.
Apex App - Features and Licensing Lookup

From the about page:
This application lets you view information about Oracle Database features and their licensing requirements.

  • Use the Features report to view database features introduced since Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2). You can easily search, filter, and compare feature availability across Oracle Database releases. You can also view licensing information for each feature.
  • Use the Licensing report to view the information available in Oracle Database Licensing Information User Manual, organized so you can easily search, filter, and compare license requirements across Oracle Database offerings. For each license, you an view relevant features on the Features report.

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