Open Source BI and Reporting Project

A friend of mine just turned me on to Pentaho.

From the site:

"The Pentaho BI Project is building an entire BI Platform complete with reporting, analysis, dashboards, data mining, workflow and infrastructure necessary for true production deployment. Many other projects that exist address a specific function like reporting, but not the entire BI spectrum. Most also lack the necessary infrastructure like security, administration, auditing, fail-over, scalability features, portal, and other key framework functionality. Customers can start with something simple like Reporting from Pentaho and know that they’ll be able to add things like Analysis and Dashboards to their solution when they’re ready. They’ll know that everything will be integrated, supported, and getting better by the day. The Pentaho BI Project gives users peace of mind via longevity, support, and continued innovation. "

Having used proprietary reporting systems for most of my career (Actuate, Crystal Reports, and various Report Writers) this might be a nice alternative.

– Dave


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