1ZO-031 down, two to go…

So I'm 60% of the way to my 9i OCP now. I passed 1ZO-031 today. I already had the 1ZO-007 test and a hands-on class under my belt.

So far I've been using the Certification Candidate Guide, Oracle Press books and of course the Oracle documentation. For my next two exams I got some Sybex books cheap off of Amazon.com that I'll be checking out.

I'm a little disappointed in Oracle Press books. Quality control leaves a bit to be desired. I've found a few errors in the book and the software that came with it has a warped question pool. For example during a random test one of the questions was worded like "Using the diagram from the last question…". Well, um, that doesn't help much considering IT IS RANDOM!

– Dave


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