• Live stream a class lesson with ability to show multiple camera shots and slides.
  • Provide interactivity to ensure participants are

Why do people come to classes in person?

  • Learn new things
  • Community
  • Learn with Opportunity to ask questions
  • Have a great experience

Proof of Concept Goals

  • Present Welcome screen
  • Present main camera
  • Present cutting table camera
  • Show slides
  • Accept chat questions from Zoom attendees
  • Present Goodbye Screen

How can we accomplish this?

  1. Use Zoom's ability to switch between cameras and share screen.
  2. Students can join the Zoom meeting to participate in the curriculum.

Proof of Concept Class

  • Scene : Online Class Welcome Screen
  • Scene : Face Cam : Welcome to our class!
  • Scene : PowerPoint. Diana will talk over the slides as we advance them.
  • Scene : Cutting Table Cam : Diana will demo some techniques. Review video output in Zoom for quality.
  • Scene : Face Cam - Wrap up
  • Scene : Goodbye Screen

Next steps

  • Can cutting table video be sharp enough for folks to see on the screen? May need higher quality camera and capture device. Demand on these is high due to everyone working at home.
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Meeting scheduling, registration, coordinating everything leading up to class start time
    • Communicate expectations to attendees - equipment required, how to connect, meeting start, breaks
    • Hosting duties - hands on during meeting (Security, running Streaming software, answering questions, muting and unmuting participants, watching chat)
  • Does Zoom allow us to interact with students the way we want? How well does text chat work? Voice chat? Is there a way to control access for students so they don't take over the class?
  • Copyright notices?
  • Access to recordings or replays necessary? Adds technical complexity. We should leave them with paper docs or pdfs or something. Enough context so they can put things down for a few days and pick it back up later.

  • Tech Support?
  • Followup
  • Zoom seems simple and easy to use - will it meet our needs?
  • Wireless microphone? ( example )
  • Phone articulating arm ( here )