otop , a 'top' utility for Oracle

I recently discovered that someone else is publishing some Perl utilities to monitor Oracle!

I've been using Perl to get things done with Oracle for a while and have found it extremely helpful. The current environment that I work in has a mixture of OSes so sometimes its easier to install Perl and DBI everywhere and write a simple Perl Script than to try to do something in DOS Batch for one client and then do it again in a bash shell script for another.

Sean Hull published a video of his talk about otop, the PowerPoint slides, and the downloadable source on his company's site:

More info here: http://www.iheavy.com/2006/01/01/otop-diy-monitoring-of-your-oracle-data...

If you are familiar with the Unix 'top' command, you will see what Sean is getting at with 'otop' script. I think its a fantastic idea. Seeing this work by Sean has compelled me to clean up some examples I've worked on and publish them on ba6.us over the next few weeks.

– Dave

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