Strawberry Perl + DBD::Oracle for MS Windows...

While helping a developer at my company get up and running with some DBI/DBD stuff I came across the Open Source Strawberry Perl distribution for Windows. It is an all-in-one package of Perl interpreter and many common packages required to get productive. Hopefully gone are the days of struggling to find a DBD driver compiled for Windows... From the website:

Freely Available Perl Resource - Modern Perl by Chromatic

Modern Perl by Chromatic is a freely available Perl eBook. It is a good resource for folks already familiar with programming that want to get up to speed quickly on Perl conventions and syntax.

Previously I used to use a collection of OReilly books to cover this territory but have replaced with 1 copy of Modern Perl (well with the exception of the Cookbooks, you will pry them out of my cold dead hands).

New Project: - Extract SQL from an Oracle Trace...

I started a new project for a utility I started writing. It has some basic functionality now but will probably increase in utility int he future.

It is a Perl script that extracts the SQL statements from an Oracle 10046 trace file. This is useful if you need to re-run SQL that was captured during a trace. It also helps reduce the amount of junk you have to slog through if you are interested in - Extract SQL Statements From Oracle 10046 Trace File

-Dave - Extract SQL Statements From Oracle 10046 Trace File

This Perl script will extract the SQL Statements out of an Oracle 10046 Trace File.
Usage: < input.trc > output.sql

Source Code :


# David Mann
# Extract SQL from an Oracle SQL Trace File (10046)
# Usage:
# Data is read from STDIN
# < input.trc > output.sql
# Change log:
# 13-OCT-2011 : Release

$InSQL = 0;
while (<>) {
$MyLine = $_;
$LineNum = $LineNum + 1;

# If END OF STMT found, stop printing

Long Operations Real Time Viewer - Perl

Monitor Long Operations inside an Oracle Database using Perl/DBI.

This can be useful for monitoring Table Scans, Index Rebuilds, and Exports.
Source Code
Shell Script Example

DBI and mod_perl for Oracle 10g HTTP Server

Looks like Oracle has finally come around and made it easier to incorporate the DBI module into the Oracle HTTP Server. The 10gR2 HTTP Server Administrators guide also has a laundry list of other modules that are enabled by default or easily turned on.

Here is the mod_perl section of the 10gR2 HTTP Server Admininistrators Guide: click here

Installing Perl/DBI/DBD on Win32 just got a little simpler...

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of ActiveState Perl for Win32. After installation I started to hit the laundry list of post-install tasks and noticed that 1) there is a new graphical Perl Package Manager and 2) I couldn't install DBI and DBD-Oracle because they were already installed! No more looking for the old ESoftmatic drivers!

Perl has been Eclipsed...

I've been using TextPad for writing Perl programs forever. TextPad is a pretty lightweight editor with a lot of decent features. Its nice because you can set up a PL document class with a syntax file to enable highlighting whenever you edit a *.pl file.

But today I'm working on a more complicated script with multiple functions. My main requirement is that there be an outline view so I can quickly jump between functions.

Getting return value and output text with Perl...

I know using Perl backticks call I can execute an OS command and easily get the output.

I know using Perl system() call I can execute an OS command and easily get the return value.

Today I found out a way to get both.


Tim Bunce on the future of Perl DBI

PerlCast.COM has posted a interview with Tim Bunce available here.

Audio is here:

– Dave



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