The fuser unix/linux command...

I colleague turned me on to a helpful command the other night. Where I work we have an archived log based replication system. It was way behind on processing and the replication process doesn't give any indication of what log its currently chewing on. /sbin/fuser to the rescue!
  • 1) 'cd' to a directory where you want to check the files
  • 2) run '/sbin/fuser *' to discover what processes are touching files in the directory
[oracle@test /] cd /u01/app/oracle/oradata/TEST
[oracle@test TEST] ls redo*
redo01.log  redo02.log  redo03.log
[oracle@test TEST]/sbin/fuser redo*
redo02.log:           5947 15952 15955 15956 16102 27325
From this output we can see that there are a bunch of processes currently interested in redo02.log, but redo01.log and redo03.log are not currently being used. -- Dave

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