Installing Perl/DBI/DBD on Win32 just got a little simpler...

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of ActiveState Perl for Win32. After installation I started to hit the laundry list of post-install tasks and noticed that 1) there is a new graphical Perl Package Manager and 2) I couldn't install DBI and DBD-Oracle because they were already installed! No more looking for the old ESoftmatic drivers!

The only catch is that the latest version of DBD-Oracle might require NLS_LANG to be set in the environment of the machine running the Perl scripts. Its a small price to pay. If you are reluctant to set NLS_LANG for all users, just add it to the top of the shell or batch script you are running to set it for the current session.

Here are some useful links:
DBD-Oracle 1.17 Documentation
Examples that ship with DBD-Oracle 1.17

I'll update my installation documentation soon after I test the NLS_LANG issue on a fresh machine.

-- Dave

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