In a previous life I got to spend at least one night a week deploying developer's scripts to production databases... Running scripts one by one got old and was error prone. I created to read a list of scripts and deploy the ones that hadn't been deployed yet. Basically it was a way to "catch up" schemas to a new version.

Since it worked incrementally it was as useful in dev/test as it was in prod. We could add scripts to be deployed, crank up the tool to get us to the new version.

Golden Gate Lag Graph + Alerting scripts on the way...

I posted my GoldenGate / Gnuplot lag time alerting shell scripts to a new GitHub repository:

The scripts worked on v8 and I don't think the INFO ALL screen has changed much since then so hoping it will work on v11 with a minimum of changes. I will post a more comprehensive walkthrough after I verify the v11 compatibility...

I also have an Alerting perl script that I will be tidying up and including in the ggtools repository ... but that won't be available until later this month.

So you want to use Oracle GoldenGate with Virtual Private Database (VPD)...

I recently had a customer that wanted to extract one client's data out of a VPD enabled multi-tenant database. They were convinced GoldenGate was the solution... but they were way ahead of me with scheduling resources for implementation before fully fleshing out the problem.

What's the (real) problem?

Golden Gate Tools - Lag Graph + Alerting

I am polishing up and testing some of my *nix scripts I used with GG version 8 to work with version 11.

This set of scripts gathers lag information from the GoldenGate GGSCI utility and graph the results via GnuPlot.

This set of scripts will look for state changes (RUNNING/STOPPED/ABENDED) and alert when it detects them.

The code is being slowly made available at I will post some more formal documentation after things are more fit for public consumption.

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