Need a word list?

Writing your own spell checker or creating a page to generate suggestions for Web 2.0 domain names? You need a word list!

Check out this page for a pretty comprehensive collection of different types of lists:

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Questioning Traditional Data Management

I found an interesting article by Scott W. Ambler on Doctor Dobbs Journal today called "Questioning Traditional Data Management".

Scott points out 6 assumptions data management professionals often make and points out why he believes they are not valid assumptions. Assumptions like: It's expensive to evolve a database schema and Review and inspections are an effective way to ensure quality.

At this point in my career I have worked as a DBA about as long as I was a Software Developer so I can see both sides of this issue.


YouTube for Data

This is for all the database purists out there, what's most important? Forget the implemention, the operating system, the transactions per second. Its the data! is a website where you can browse or upload data sets. For better or worse you can also compare them.


Nutritional Information from the USDA…

The USDA supplies a Nutritional Database. It has about 7300 foods and associated nutritional information. Most of the foods are the simplified components instead of brand names, but its usually easy enough to find equivalents. It can also be used as a jumping off point for a more comprehensive database.

Info about the information supplied:

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