Golden Gate abends due to zeroed out records in trail file...

If you are getting odd abends on your Golden Gate replicats due to trail file corruption, make sure you visit your filesystem options for the filesystem where the manager process writes the trail files.

Long story short is that we were finding large swaths of Zeroes appearing in our trail files. Using logdump I could see the header of the trail file was OK, but somewhere down the line a valid record would be followed by straight up zeroes. Lots of them. I verified this using logdump and a hex editor.

Pesky .nfs files showing up in my directory - what are they?

> du .nfs*
0       .nfsFCE32
0       .nfsFDE93
0       .nfsFE2E
195048  .nfsDDE4
757032  .nfsE9BC11

.nfsxxxxx files are orphaned files that were deleted from an NFS mount but are still in use by a process. Once the final process using the file releases its file handle the file will be deleted. Because of the shared nature of NFS mounts, the files can be viewed from any of the machines connected to the mount. Keep in mind the process may be running on any of the machines connected to the mount.

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