Fixed Object Statistics

If you have a database where querying against v$ Performance views is painful, consider gathering Fixed Object Stats.

Fixed objects are the 700+ X$ tables that feed a lot of these system and performance views.

Fixed Object Stats are _not_ gathered by the default stats gathering procedures. They are not gathered at all unless you run the proc to gather them. In this case Oracle relies heavily on Dynamic Sampling… but that isn’t really a substitute for really gathering stats.

Historical Row Counts via Stats History

Ever had a customer asking about the growth of a table? Or suspect an execution plan change might be because of an influx of data into a table?

Well you are in luck (maybe!).

Oracle 10g and 11g have a months worth of historical statistics stored by default. Before stats are gathered for a table their current values are written off into SYS.WRI$OPTSTAT_TAB_HISTORY table.

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