d3.js and Application Express - Real time update example...

I posted an example of how to create an Application Express bar graph with the d3.js visualization toolkit in the Notebooks section of the site.

If you want to see how this can be done in Application Express, check out the page here: http://ba6.us/d3js_application_express_basic_dynamic_action .



Hi, Dave.

I tried your example code using Apex 4.1.0 in IE9.x as well as Firefox 15.0.1. It simply does not run. All I see in my Apex page is a empty HTML region. That's it. I ran the app in Apex debug mode and saw no errors. Debug mode says it executed the code.

Have you any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks very much.


Hi Elie,

If something was going haywire with the JavaScript I would usually see it in debug mode. Did you put the code in a HTML region on your page?

To test the Dynamic Action you can create a Text Box item on your page, then here is some JavaScript that will populate it:

var ajaxReq = new htmldb_Get(null, $v('pFlowId'),
            'APPLICATION_PROCESS=GetRandom', $v('pFlowStepId'));

var gReturn = ajaxReq.get();

document.getElementById('P30_TEXT').value = gReturn;

If this works then you will at least know your Dynamic Action is working OK.

Other than that see if you can get any text out of your HTML region by using some print statements.

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