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Apex 20.2 Upgrade experience...

There are some impressive new features in 20.2. unfortunately my latest upgrades are not going so well.

I see we've got a bundle patch already! Patch 32006852: PSE BUNDLE FOR APEX 20.2 (PSES ON TOP OF But I don't see any of the issues I encountered being addressed.

From most to least severe:

1) ORDS 19.1 munged 3 times over 3 installs

Slides and Examples for Time for Some New Graphs...

I gave my talk "Time for Some New Graphs: Incorporating Time and Animation Elements into Your Web App Visualizations" at KScope14 this week. As usual KScope has delivered on content and experts. I have been enjoying immersing myself in the Administration and Apex tracks.

Here are the slides to my presentation : Time For Some New Graphs - Slides

Application Express and Open Source Graphing Libraries

This is my v2 of a presentation on ideas for going beyond the Application Express default graphs and info on 3 popular Javascript graphing libraries that can be incorporated into Apex Applications.


A Brief Brief about a Brief KScope13 Visit...

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was unable to spend as much time as I would have liked at KScope13 in New Orleans but boy did I pack a lot into the 24 hours that I was there.

d3.js and Application Express - Real time update example...

I posted an example of how to create an Application Express bar graph with the d3.js visualization toolkit in the Notebooks section of the site.

If you want to see how this can be done in Application Express, check out the page here: .


Quick filter for Application Express Reports

I normally get a lot of mileage out of Application Express interactive reports. Unfortunately there are some restrictions on the SELECT statements that can be used with them. Here is a demonstration of a technique I use when I want to add some interactivity to a plain old Apex report.

I will create a Select List dropdown that submits and refreshes the report data automagically. The value in the select list will be applied as a filter to the report when it refreshes.

1) Create the Select List

• Items -> New Item -> Select List
• Choose "Select List with Submit"
• Next

Can't leave well enough alone...

Here is some code to update the previous widget to show data in a green/yellow/red bar graph like an audio meter:

The code is here:


-- David Mann
-- 05/26/2009
-- Create HTML bar graph widget for use in Application Express reports.
-- Has thresholds for yellow and red.
-- Parameters: p_value - Top of ratio fraction or percentage as whole number (0-100)

Quickie bar graph widget for use in Apex Reports...

I'm trying not to scare my users off with endless rows and columns of numbers. I have an app that analyzes memory usage and swap space usage of some of our servers. Instead of throwing all kinds of computer sciency '65535' and '32767' numbers at my user I decided to create a small function to return a bar graph widget.

Here is an example of the graph in use:

Here is a function that will return the HTML for the widget:


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