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Fauxtary.1 Progress...

Have been making decent progress on the Fauxtary.1 MIDI controller.

I decided to have v1 be a supplement to my Traktor S8 DJ controller, not a replacement. This will allow me to flesh out all the basics first via a simpler prototype.

I have a case, cables, aluminum knobs, and some beefy ALPS Potentiometers on order. Once they get here I'll have some more content to post.

Fauxtary DJ Mixer v1 - MIDI Enabled


  • Build a MIDI enabled mixer controller to replicate the controls of a rotary mixer.
  • Intended use is for DJ programs that accept Midi input (like Native Instruments Traktor).
  • This will not replace a full fledged DJ controller, just provide rotary controls for controlling the mixes.

I always liked playing gigs on old school rotary mixers, Bozak AR-6, Urei 1620, Rane MP2016, ARS 6700 - the battle hardened workhorses of the club world.
While working with modern DJ controllers I was missing the feel of these mixers.