Manage other user's jobs with DBMS_IJOB...

I had a user that called me about jobs not running on a 9i database. I logged in and found a complete mess. Broken jobs, some DBMS_JOB calls would hang, jobs existed for users that no longer existed (I didn't even know that was possible!).

Because things were such a mess I just wanted to remove all the jobs and start from scratch. But I needed to drop jobs for a user that no longer existed. Using DBMS_JOB even SYS does not have complete control of jobs. How can I remove a job for a user that no longer exists?



More stupid RMAN tricks: ORA-01843 From RMAN

So I've got a backup script that runs a BACKUP DATABASE followed by a BACKUP ARCHIVELOG command. The BACKUP ARCHIVELOG FROM TIME command runs to collect all the archived logs created since the beginning of the Level 0.


Beware of old clients...

No, not old customers, old Oracle client software!

I was recently asked to write a ON LOGON trigger for an database (don't ask, it is a very old system). Wrote the trigger, tested it, works no problem. It is never that simple.


Getting my feet wet in Apex...

So the new place I work has some small applications built in Apex. I'm getting ready to build some monitoring tools and wanted to integrate their functionality into the apps that are already available.


DBI and mod_perl for Oracle 10g HTTP Server

Looks like Oracle has finally come around and made it easier to incorporate the DBI module into the Oracle HTTP Server. The 10gR2 HTTP Server Administrators guide also has a laundry list of other modules that are enabled by default or easily turned on.

Here is the mod_perl section of the 10gR2 HTTP Server Admininistrators Guide: click here

Execution plans and bind peeking...

If you haven't seen this post already, check it out.

It covers the standard Execution Plan stuff, but also covers use of the dbms_xplan package including using dbms_xplan.display to format output and using dbms_xplan.display_cursor to see Bind Variables used to generate a plan!

Click here for Article

-- Dave

RDA and HCVE...

I haven't look at Oracle's Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) tool in a couple of years. Back when we ran our systems on Windows I remember using a clunky version of RDA that looked like it was cobbled together with batch files and VB code.

What is RDA? From the Oracle website:

Stupid RMAN tricks...

So I have mentioned before about the replication product that we use that is based on Archived Redo Logs (Golden Gate). Well sometimes the replication process abends before the RMAN backup. Since there is no communication between the two processes, RMAN happily removes archived logs that the replication process might need the next time it starts up.

Because of this we usually like to keep a few hours worth of archived logs hanging around.

Does this suck up disk space? Yes.
Is it worth it sacrifice some disk space in order to save us some DBA time? Absolutely.


Oracle9i Database: Advanced Backup and Recovery Using RMAN

So I took my first hands-on class from Oracle this month.

I'm usually of the 'sit down with a book and computer' camp when I need to learn something new, but where I work we needed RMAN proficiency quickly. I thought it might be better to get out of the office for a few days and buckle down on the topic.

Changing spreport to run StatsPacks from the command line...

Statspack Reports can be useful for diagnosing performance problems, but they are only useful if they are generated and available!


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