PowerDesigner Annoyances 1

Yes, I tagged it with a '1' because I already know there are more to come :)

I created a notebook on this site to collect information about PowerDesigner. My first entry deals with basic script generation options for Oracle and how to get better scripts that are more error-free when the are generated by PowerDesigner.

You can check it out here:


myBatis Migrations and Oracle RDBMS

I am evaulating some schema migration tools for a project I am working on. I want some basic help organizing scads of changes that we will make during development. I also want the ability to produce generic SQL scripts as output to pass along for review / execution by folks that are not knee deep in our development environment.

The SQL Script output requirement cut out a lot of options. For a comprehensive list of options check out the feature matrix on the Flyway page which compares 9 popular schema migration tools.


RecreateDBLinks.sql is a script that will extract DB Links DDL (non SYS or SYSTEM links) and output a script that can be used to recreate those links at a later time or on a different database. It handles dealing with encrypted passwords and with logging on as the owninguser to create private database links.
It is presumed that non DBAs should not have CREATE DATABASE link. You can change this behavior by commenting out the REVOKE lines near the end of the script.

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