PowerDesigner Annoyances 1

Yes, I tagged it with a '1' because I already know there are more to come :)

I created a notebook on this site to collect information about PowerDesigner. My first entry deals with basic script generation options for Oracle and how to get better scripts that are more error-free when the are generated by PowerDesigner.

You can check it out here:


Generating lots of DDL with DBMS_METADATA...

After using many different tools to generate DDL I usually end up back at DBMS_METADATA. DBMS_METADATA is an Oracle supplied package that became available with Oracle 9.

DBMS_METADATA is an API that can be used to generate the DDL of most any object in an Oracle database.

It is most handy for getting Table or Index DDL but there is a complete list of objects that DBMS_METADATA handles here.

Table Example

Manage rebuilding of indexes...

I've been doing some speed testing of rebuilding indexes. I have been adding the PARALLEL clause to my alter index ... rebuild; statements but it has been suggested to me to also run multiple indexes rebuilds in parallel. So if I am wanting to run 4 rebuilds in parallel I could try to make 4 .SQL scripts with the appropriate commands. But what if one finishes early? Then I will be left with only 3 running. Here is a solution:

1) Create a table to hold the list of indexes you want to rebuild:

create table rebuild_indexes (

I can't login! The server is down!

Yup. I'm tired of hearing this from users.

Since I changed jobs from a software development house to a more focused DBA role I hear this a lot. As much as I'de like to just log into their app server and comb through logs to find the problem like the old days... I have to debug what I can from the server side and get the app server folks looking from their end.

Here is a quickie script that should work on most Unices.

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