Apex 20.2 Upgrade experience...

There are some impressive new features in 20.2. unfortunately my latest upgrades are not going so well.

I see we've got a bundle patch already! Patch 32006852: PSE BUNDLE FOR APEX 20.2 (PSES ON TOP OF But I don't see any of the issues I encountered being addressed.

From most to least severe:

1) ORDS 19.1 munged 3 times over 3 installs

We're upgraded... but excuse the dust...

After lots of wrassling with the Drupal schema we're up and running on Drupal 7.

Sometimes it is a pain to be a DBA. I couldn't just let the problems with the schema upgrade alone and built my own script to fix issues so I could get the upgrade to complete successfully.

You may notice the new layout and color scheme. I will tone things down after I experiment a little bit... But may keep it in order to remind me of the exciting new things I hope to bring you in the coming months. OK I gotta go, the fast food colors in this theme are making me crave a Whopper.

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