Viewing command line args with Solaris ps utility...

If you ever used the Solaris ps -ef command to view programs that are running you may not always see the arguments the original program was started with. This command usually shows about 80 characters. Try the following commands, they usually give you more information about the command that started the process running. Depending on the patch level of your OS you may see 200 characters or more.
/usr/ucb/ps -auxwww

Solaris Zones & finding machine name

If you use Solaris Zones sometimes it is nice to be able to know the name of the global/parent machine the zone is running on. Using 'arp -a' you can get information about network interfaces shared by the hosts on 1 machine. I'm not going to give a whole full blown script to do this as our naming standards are probably different than yours but you can see the steps you may need to follow below to get the info: Here is how to see all the network interfaces for you current host:
/u01/app/oracle >arp -a | grep $HOSTNAME
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