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Manage other user's jobs with DBMS_IJOB...

I had a user that called me about jobs not running on a 9i database. I logged in and found a complete mess. Broken jobs, some DBMS_JOB calls would hang, jobs existed for users that no longer existed (I didn't even know that was possible!). Because things were such a mess I just wanted to remove all the jobs and start from scratch. But I needed to drop jobs for a user that no longer existed. Using DBMS_JOB even SYS does not have complete control of jobs. How can I remove a job for a user that no longer exists? Enter DBMS_IJOB.

More stupid RMAN tricks: ORA-01843 From RMAN

So I've got a backup script that runs a BACKUP DATABASE followed by a BACKUP ARCHIVELOG command. The BACKUP ARCHIVELOG FROM TIME command runs to collect all the archived logs created since the beginning of the Level 0.

Beware of old clients...

No, not old customers, old Oracle client software!

I was recently asked to write a ON LOGON trigger for an database (don't ask, it is a very old system). Wrote the trigger, tested it, works no problem. It is never that simple.


SftpDrive - map drives to your windows workstation via SSH...

Just heard about this software today from a satisfied user. SftpDrive is a software package for Windows that allows you to map a SSH server as a Windows network drive. This enables you to use a Windows PC for development but to modify files directly on a Linux/Unix server.

It costs to register the software but they have a 6 week free trial. Considering the amount of time I could save during development I think I will be adding this tool to my dev workstation: https://www.eldos.com/sftp-net-drive/

-- Dave

Getting my feet wet in Apex...

So the new place I work has some small applications built in Apex. I'm getting ready to build some monitoring tools and wanted to integrate their functionality into the apps that are already available.


DBI and mod_perl for Oracle 10g HTTP Server

Looks like Oracle has finally come around and made it easier to incorporate the DBI module into the Oracle HTTP Server. The 10gR2 HTTP Server Administrators guide also has a laundry list of other modules that are enabled by default or easily turned on. Here is the mod_perl section of the 10gR2 HTTP Server Admininistrators Guide: click here

XML/SWF Charts by Maani.US

I found a new graphing/charting tool that I am really digging. I'm letting Munin simmer for a while because it seems like its mostly geared towards being a network admin/reporting tool. I want graphs and I want to make them available on web pages. I'm not asking for much right?

If a browser based Flash solution is a possibility for you, check out XML/SWF Charts by Maani.US.

Need a word list?

Writing your own spell checker or creating a page to generate suggestions for Web 2.0 domain names? You need a word list!

Check out this page for a pretty comprehensive collection of different types of lists:


-- Dave


Execution plans and bind peeking...

If you haven't seen this optimizermagic.blogspot.com post already, check it out.

It covers the standard Execution Plan stuff, but also covers use of the dbms_xplan package including using dbms_xplan.display to format output and using dbms_xplan.display_cursor to see Bind Variables used to generate a plan!

Click here for Article

-- Dave

My new replacement for gnuplot? ... Munin ...

I'm currently investigating the new hotness of Munin to replace my old and busted gnuplot graphs. Munin looks much more involved than generating a format file for gnuplot and letting it fly, but it looks like Munin handles text on graphs waaaay better than gnuplot.


Check out the purty examples here: Example Site.

-- Dave



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